Lucinda Cavanah
October 26, 2016
Jeanine Larkins
October 26, 2016

Sue Lister

Taylors Lakes, Victoria
Weight Loss: 36kg
Consultant: Debbie Strydom


I am 56 year old single mother of an adult son and work as a trainer and assessor. I had never really struggled with my weight until I had my son at the age of 37 and then found myself as a single parent, 6 months later.

I suffered post-natal depression and hid from the world and although my meals were relatively healthy, I ate large portions and comforted myself with snacks in between. Over the next 20 years I suffered depression and tried many diets that didn’t work for me and I became bigger and bigger, lost all confidence and had no self-esteem.

My good friend Debbie had also been struggling with her weight and discovered Cambridge Weight Plan. I watched her transformation with scepticism but she just kept losing weight and reached her goal looking fantastic. Debbie became a Cambridge Consultant and, after I sought help to sort out my emotional factors, it didn’t take long until I started on the Plan.

The results were immediate. The weight just started to disappear, my face started looking like the old me and the Plan was so easy to stick to. I never felt hungry. Friends and colleagues were commenting on my ever shrinking look. I was taking a long list of medication before starting the Plan. After a few months my doctor started reducing it and eventually stopping all my medications (cholesterol, acid reflux, anti-inflammatory and two blood pressure tablets daily).

Now, clothes shopping is fun again – as I can now look in the mirror without the repulsion that I used to feel. I have energy again and my confidence and self-esteem couldn’t be better and 6 months ago, for the first time in 20 years, I started dating the loveliest man.

Thanks to Cambridge Weight Plan and Debbie who encouraged, scolded and believed in me – life is fantastic.