Paul Scoullar - Cambridge Weight Plan
Debbie Strydom
October 26, 2016
Alan Reilly
October 26, 2016
Sydney, New South Wales
Weight Loss: 50kg
Consultant: Cheryl Hornig


I lived in New Zealand and travelled to Australia for my weigh-ins!

I am 48 and have been married for 24 years with 4 children. Growing up I remember being known as the chubby kid. I have always been overweight and just thought that was the way I was. I have great support from family and friends, though they all said I was a walking heart attack! I hadn’t worn my wedding ring for 6 years, as my hands were too fat. Now it’s back on.

Being overweight, my back and joints ached, it was hard to breathe, I lacked sleep due to my snoring and it was a daily challenge to move around. My dad developed diabetes, resulting in blindness and also had several toes amputated. He passed away at 63. I was heading in the same direction.

My brother Justin, posted a photo on Facebook after he had transformed himself with some fabulous diet. Can this be true? If he can do it so can I! I lived in New Zealand and would have to travel to Australia. However, I could visit monthly and have weekly weigh-ins via Skype. My first week I lost 8.2kg, I couldn’t believe it. The 2nd week, my wife said my snoring had stopped.

Before I couldn’t walk even down the driveway without getting out of breath and when I started walking just to loosen my joints, I had to phone my daughter to pick me up and drive me home after 1km. Now I walk 6km daily. Friends don’t recognise me, I’m now more active at work, sleep better, have more energy and do more housework. I no longer have to request a belt extension for flights.

My Consultant, Cheryl would ask me what have I noticed this week with the change in my body? Our icebreaker was when I said…. “I can wipe my bum easier!” And that became the start of a very good friendship. We also laugh so much on our weekly weigh-ins, that I’m sure I lose weight every time we talk, due to that physical activity.

Cheryl’s advice is outstanding and with her pep talks, she just makes you want to carry on. We are both dedicated to my success. I haven’t reached my goal yet but it’s been a fun road losing over 50 kg to date. I have already been rewarded with my weight loss, putting years back on my life and made a friend for life.

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