Martin White - Cambridge Weight Plan
Nicole Amoud
October 26, 2016
Ashleigh Scott
October 26, 2016

Martin White

Tieri, Queensland
Weight Loss: 33kg
Consultant: Natalie Harris


I am 30 this year. I am an underground coal mine electrician and have been, since leaving school in 2003. I have a very supportive wife and three beautiful sons.

After suffering a near career-ending work injury, I needed a lifestyle change. I had to lose weight and had to do it fast. I went through two prescriptions of Duramine to lose weight the ‘fast’ way and to an extent it worked – but I found that I would gain the weight in the same period as I lost it. This didn’t help my self-esteem or physical health at all and I fell into a depressive state that required professional help.

Since losing weight with Cambridge Weight Plan, I have achieved something I never thought would be possible. It has boosted my self-esteem ten-fold and I am very pleased with the person I see in the mirror. I battled through my rehabilitation after two rounds of surgery to be able to walk properly again due to muscle loss and also losing part of my hamstring, had an effect on me that I never thought possible. I remember laying around the house immobilized, thinking “How am I ever going to run around the yard with my kids?” This was by far the biggest fear I had, being a young father. I am however, pleased to be able to say that after reaching goal weight, I have done many cardio sessions to date, without pain in my knee and have even been able to run beside my eldest son while he learns to ride a bicycle without training wheels.

I cannot recommend my Consultant, Natalie Harris, enough. The support she has given me throughout the journey is out of this world and this is evident by the amount of clients that have contacted her from my recommendation. She believed in me when I never believed in myself and that meant the world to me. Were it not for Natalie, I had accepted the fact that I would be overweight for a long time. But I’m now not; I wish I could show the smile on my face as I sit here and write this.

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