Lucinda Cavanah - Cambridge Weight Plan
Judy Fakhouri
October 26, 2016
Sue Lister
October 26, 2016

Lucinda Cavanah

Perth, Western Australia
Weight Loss: 35kg
Consultant: Claire Gethin


I recently took on a new role at work – something I could never have considered before losing weight.

I am 35, a single mum of a 15 year old, and a full time Executive Assistant. I felt demoralised by my failure to lose weight. I was tired and uncomfortable and felt embarrassed by the way I had let myself go. It got to the point that the only clothes I could (just) fit in were my now plus sized elasticated work uniform and my PJs. I had chronic heartburn, I was a hormonal train wreck and I developed a hiatus hernia. After seeing my GP and having some tests I was then diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The doctor advised me to lose weight as I had become obese.

I was obese! In the week that followed, I saw a TV advert for the Cambridge Weight Plan. I remembered my nan in the UK doing the “Cambridge Diet” many years ago. I was intrigued, so I had a look at the website. I liked what I saw and started to feel this could be the Plan to help me. I texted Claire to ask for a consultation and she fitted me in the following day!

Claire was very sympathetic of my situation, she’d been there herself. My first few days were tough but my first weigh-in came quickly and the results were fantastic. I continued to lose weight and sure enough, my heartburn, hernia and other symptoms have now all gone too. My son is also so happy for me, he feels like he’s got his mum back.

The Cambridge Weight Plan along with Claire’s assistance, has put me back in control. My confidence has grown with every kilo I’ve dropped. A few weeks into the programme I was offered the chance to step up to a new role at work, I shocked myself and said ‘Yes’. Without the weight loss and the feeling of gaining control and confidence back, I would never have stepped out of my comfort zone.

I now realize that a ‘comfort zone’ is actually a pretty uncomfortable place to live.

Claire is very supportive and empathetic. She is a great listener and is fantastic at offering solutions to problems or hurdles that get in my way. She is very empowering.

*Results are not guaranteed and vary from individual to individual.