Laura Cooper
April 18, 2018
Kate Lyons
April 18, 2018

Kay Collinson

Finalist, Slimmer of the Year 2018
Weight Loss: 18.5 kg
Consultant: Jacqueline McKenna
State/Territory: WA

I am a 66-year-old grandmother. In August 2016 I was rushed to hospital with a twisted bowel. After the operation, when I visited my GP to have the stitches out, the report from my surgeon to my GP described me as “morbidly obese”.

During my lifetime I have thought I was ‘well covered’, but never in the morbidly obese category. As a result of this my GP suggested I needed to lose some weight to get my BMI down to an acceptable level. My eldest sister had successfully lost 20kg with Cambridge Weight Plan and so I thought that’s definitely the way to go. My journey started on February 2017 and was made that much easier by the brilliant support of my two wonderful sisters and of course, my fantastic consultant Jacky, who was with me every step of the way. Today after a weight loss of 18.5kg my BMI is below 25, my bloods have never been better and I feel wonderful.

Cambridge Weight Plan is the best! Not just the product, but the Consultants, who totally understand the journey. Even though I am 66 years of age I now feel confident, amazing and definitely in control of my life. I can categorically say that Cambridge Weight Plan works.