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August 8, 2018
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August 29, 2018

Cambridge Sweet Treats

I’ve heard so much about these delicious guilt free treats, Cambridge Jellies, so I thought I’d try them for myself. Turns out they were super easy and quick to make. With the yummy range of water flavourings, it’s something you just have to try.

Cambridge Jellies

(Suitable from step 1)


100mls hot water (not boiling)

1 teaspoon of Cambridge water flavouring

1 spoonful of Cambridge mix-a-mousse

(Optional) thin slices of fresh mint


Blend all ingredients with a hand-held mixer until dissolved, pour into a moulds or a decorative glass, refrigerate until set. To make the 2 tone version shown in the picture, make up two batches and pore in one colour at a time.  Let the bottom layer set in the fridge and then add the additional flavour and repeat until you have the a delicious sunset effect. Yum!

If you have tried these,  what was your favourite flavour?

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