‘Weigh to Go’ by Sandie Dunstan

Sandie Dunstan

Sandie Dunstan - Nutritionist

Welcome to Cambridge Weight Plan’s new Blog, Weigh to go! This is a community space to create, motivate and inspire you on your weight loss journey. This is a place to change any perceptions that you may have around food, products and creating healthy, nutritious meals.

You can expect; news and views on nutrition, live cooking demonstrations including advice on how to use your Cambridge Weight Plan products, weekly recipe sharing to assist you to create delicious meals for the Step that you are following as well as outlining health benefits of specific foods.

Cambridge Weight Plan has over 30 years of dedicated research. There are so many amazing accredited Consultants within Australia to offer you superior one on one support throughout your weight loss journey from that first important step right through until maintenance, which we believe, is the key to ours, and your success.

Sandie Dunstan

Sandie Dunstan – Nutritionist

I joined Cambridge 18 months ago as a Consultant. My background is in Biomedical Science which is the study of the human body, its structure and function in health and disease, I am Nutritionist working with clients everyday to support their health. I am always looking to better myself and working towards my Masters of Nutrition.

Having grown up in far north Queensland, my love of food and cooking was inevitable with a brother, uncle and cousin all being chefs and my parents running a paddock to plate restaurant producing home grown, farm picked meals.It’s no surprise then that my passion for food started from a very early age and I am always striving to use fresh ingredients to create nutritious meals with loads of flavour. At present I live on the sunny Gold Coast with my husband and 2 beautiful children. My husband had struggled with his weight for as long as I’ve known him and like so many others he would lose the weight but would always then put it back on. I had heard about Cambridge many years ago whilst studying, before it was in Australia. A few years ago, I met a friend who was one of the first Consultants in Queensland. I booked my husband in to see her and he lost and maintained over 35 kilos and has now maintained his Cambridge success for over 2 years.

I became a Consultant because Cambridge Weight Plan has changed our lives as a family, so much. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing my clients transform, regain their confidence and just glow! I like to call it the ‘butterfly effect’ (not sure if I heard that somewhere but it resonates with me).

When I found Cambridge, I truly found my calling. It has allowed my 2 greatest passions to complement each other, my passion for creating nutritious meals and recipes, as well as supporting my clients on their weight loss journey. I want to change the stigma about meals being bland or boring just because they dwell on the lower end of the calorie scale. The superior support that Cambridge offers right though to maintenance is what I love combined with their tremendous range of products that are delicious whilst still being nutritionally complete.

I am very excited to be part of Cambridge Weight Plan. I hope that I can inspire you to try different things, give you tips on how to be efficient in preparing your meals to help keep you on track and to answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions that you would like answered, topics you would like discussed or recipes that you would like to share please email me at [email protected]


  1. justine says:

    Hi Sandie,

    Just wanted to say congrats on the blog

  2. Tamara says:

    I’m excited to follow your blog & find some new meal inspiration!

  3. Cambridge Weight Plan says:

    Thanks Tamara

  4. Hello!!This blog has great information that you share on this website. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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