Sarah Schmeider
April 18, 2018
Nicole Jurke
April 18, 2018

Rosie Federico

Finalist, Slimmer of the Year 2018
Weight Loss: 30.1kg
Consultant: Tamara Lynam
State/territory: QLD

I work in administration in an accounting firm and I am a mother of 2 teenagers. I have battled with my weight for over 18 years.

My marriage broke down about 10 years ago and I coped by comfort eating and began piling on weight. Each time I visited my family, they would comment on my weight gain and how worried they were about my health.

I had tried several different diets over the years and found nothing sustainable. I felt unattractive, uncomfortable and I couldn’t believe how badly I had let myself go. I felt tired, cranky and lethargic. Getting through each day was difficult and I didn’t know how to fix it. When I socialised, I loved having full cream milk cappuccinos accompanied by something sweet. My food choices were poor. My blood pressure was in the higher range of ‘normal’ but did not require medication – yet!

When I saw a former colleagues inspirational story on Facebook I knew I had to give Cambridge a go. I love the variety and taste of the products. The excellent support and encouragement which I have received from my Consultant Tamara has been fantastic and I consider her a friend. I fired lots of questions to her at my initial appointment which she patiently answered.

My GP has seen me in the last 3 months for routine medical appointments and she is thrilled with my weight loss efforts and my blood pressure is back to normal. This program has transformed my life in the most positive way. I have gone down 4 dress sizes and feel fitter, happier and healthier. I have recently started to change my mind set around exercise, so I bought an exercise bike and have started to cycle 30 minutes using an interval program, first thing in the morning which gives me the best start to my day. My family and my friends are so proud of me.