Brenton Winn
October 26, 2016
Paula Poots
October 26, 2016

Rosa Tagliavento

Lyndhurst, Victoria
Weight Loss: 46kg
Consultants: Paul & Carolyn Dimech


I am 51 years of age. I am a wife, a mother of three adult girls and work full time as a chef in a Child Care Centre.

Both my parents died very young, my mother at 38, from high blood pressure complications and my father at 48, from a heart condition. The fact that I was a ticking time bomb began to play on my mind.

I started the Cambridge Weight Plan at 50 years old. Many years of frustration and attempts to control my weight proved unsuccessful and now age was getting the better of me. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and elevated glucose levels, both a recipe for disaster. My self-esteem and confidence were hurting and I had reached my lowest and heaviest in a long time. I felt helpless and out of control.

Last April my daughter recommended I meet with a couple by the name of Paul and Carolyn Dimech, both of whom had an amazing story of weight loss. I saw some incredible photos and could not believe their transformation. Of course, as per previous “diets” I had doubt and procrastinated as usual but through family encouragement and the blessing of this couple I jumped on board and began the Cambridge Weight Plan in April 2015.

From there it’s all history now. These two angels have inspired, coached and motivated me to achieve what I always believed was the impossible. Today, I have lost 47 kilos and will never look back. I no longer require blood pressure medication nor need to worry about high blood glucose levels. My doctor cannot believe my achievement and along the way I have inspired and continue to motivate many friends and relatives, at least 10 of whom are now achieving remarkable results with Cambridge Weight Plan.

This journey has transformed my life and today I have more energy than ever to enjoy an active lifestyle, my job and busy family schedule, but most of all my desire to live in a positive frame of mind. My ambition is now to help others and become a Cambridge Consultant, as I am walking proof that it is possible to achieve what seemed to be an impossible dream for many many years.

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