Rebecca Johnson - Cambridge Weight Plan
Lillianna Arbanovski
October 27, 2016
Don Marshall
October 27, 2016

Rebecca Johnson

Roma, Queensland
Weight Loss: 24kg
Consultant: Nicole Towsey


Knowing I can now head out and play footy with my son is so liberating.

I’m 35 years old and last year when I started the Plan, I was working as a full-time English teacher in a high school in rural Queensland, Roma. Originally from the UK, I migrated to Australia in 2010 for a fresh, exciting start with my boys.

A couple of reasons inspired me to finally take the plunge and lose weight. The first was I that I had high blood pressure just prior to starting the Plan and I have a son who I plan to stick around with for as many years as possible. The next was my best friend, back in the UK, was successfully following Cambridge Weight Plan. Knowing she had stuck to it, when usually her willpower was as questionable as my own, I was confident I would have a good chance of success too.

My weight loss has provided me with the opportunity to become a fitter and more confident me. Knowing I can now head out and play footy with my son, and having so much more energy is liberating. That and pulling on a pair of jeans without having to search for a top with the aim to conceal my extra lumps and bumps is a fabulous feeling. And my blood pressure is back to normal.

Prior to meeting my Consultant Nicole Towsey, I had no idea how it would pan out. Despite being a confident woman, I am a private one; therefore, the thought of sharing my progress and my concerns with a stranger, over Skype of all places, filled me with unease. It was clear, however, from our first interaction that Nicole was going to be an amazing cheerleader and supporter. Immediately putting me at ease, our weekly text interactions and the Skype calls we shared, soon became effortless.

There have been times I’ve faltered or had a nonsense question which needed answering and every step of the way, Nicole has been there, responding to me almost immediately, and sometimes even venturing out to research for me. She has gone beyond what I would have expected if I was in a group setting. It was little touches which made a difference, too. With my package of Cambridge products, Nicole would pop in little notes of encouragement, which sometimes I wouldn’t pull out until days later. These thoughtful and supportive gestures have helped so much.

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