Rosa Tagliavento
October 26, 2016
Greg Paton
October 26, 2016

Paula Poots

Point Cook, Victoria
Weight Loss: 22kg
Consultant: Liana Tucker


I am a 46 year old female Registered Nurse. I am married with two children aged 14 and 16 years. In November 2014, we realised a long term ambition and migrated from Scotland to Australia.

When we initially moved we were living in a very rural area in NSW. We were extremely unhappy where we were and so moved to Melbourne. Although we wanted to make this move, the stress and worry of the whole migration and moving process led me to return to all my old emotional eating habits. As a result, the weight piled on more and more.

I started Cambridge Weight Plan simply because I was extremely unhappy in myself. I hated the way I looked, was snappy with my family and always ‘putting on a front’ with other people. I had achieved my ambition of migrating but couldn’t enjoy this new life I had fought so hard for. We were living in a beautiful country and I was too embarrassed to go to the beach with my family and being so large when the weather was hot, was a highly uncomfortable experience. I was completely fed up being tired all the time and not wanting to move off the sofa. I didn’t want to let life pass me by and wanted to experience this new country with my children while they were still willing to do some things with me, as opposed to their friends.

Now, I have so much more energy and enthusiasm. My confidence and self-esteem have returned and my mood has lifted. I used to suffer with chronic back pain and have had previous back surgery. Now I don’t even need painkillers. I am trying new ways of exercising, such as yoga and having the energy to walk daily, has not only improved my fitness but does wonders for my ‘mindfulness’ I’m no longer embarrassed to go to the beach and love being able to wear more feminine, brightly coloured clothes instead of always covering up in baggy, dark, shapeless items.

My Consultant, Liana has been an amazing support from day one. Knowing she completely ‘gets it’ and has been there herself as well as her bubbly personality, makes her a pleasure to see every week. Whenever I was struggling she helped me work out a solution. I trusted her implicitly. Liana was never judgemental and has made me understand my triggers, which will assist me in staying on track in the future.

I never want to see the unhappy person I was at the start of this journey again.

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