Penny Spyropoulos
April 26, 2018
Keira Esten
April 26, 2018

Olga Rogatski

Weight Loss: 31 kg
Consultant: Maria Akritidis
State/territory: VIC

I am a 34 years old female. I work a full-time office job in the Health industry and I am married to a Chef with whom I share 2 beautiful children aged 7 and 4.

Being overweight has been a lifelong struggle for me. I have always been the “Big Girl” and even in adulthood my weight had me feeling self-conscience and meant I struggled with my confidence. The moment I realised I needed to do something came when I was on a flight home from Sydney and as always, I asked to be on the aisle or window seat. This time the seat had been pre-allocated, so I was stuck in the middle. For the first time ever, I struggled to fit in the seat. I looked around and on either side of me were men, yet I was the one bulging out of my seat on either side. I was so embarrassed. I kept my head down and avoided all interaction with my neighbors. That night when I got home I started researching weight loss products and I came across Cambridge Weight Plan.

I was given an opportunity to give a presentation at work. I really wanted to make an impression and nail it, but I couldn’t. I was uncomfortable in my own skin. As I stood there feeling bare naked speaking in front of 100 people, so many thoughts ran through my head. Was my audience listening to me? What could they see?

Give me a weight loss method and chances are I have tried it or know all about it.
Cambridge Weight Plan was different as it offered me flexibility, I could eat real food if I wanted to, my body was getting the daily nutrition it required and I had the one on one support of a weekly consultation.

My Consultant Maria has supported me to the very end and has given me tools and strategies that will set me up for future success. I am more conscious of making the right food decisions. Why have a Latte when you can have an egg! Food is not my enemy. Cambridge Weight Plan together with the support of my Consultant has changed my life.