Mireille Allan
April 18, 2018
Laura Cooper
April 18, 2018

Maria Dimasi

Finalist, Slimmer of the Year 2018
Weight Loss: 30.2 kg
Consultant: Rosa & Maurice Tagliavento
State/territory: VIC


Now 50 years old, I started my Cambridge journey in April 2017 and I will never look back again. After many years of frustration and unsuccessful attempts to control my weight, I made the decision to start my journey seriously. My age was getting the better of me and I was at my lowest point with my self-esteem. I had tried many diets with very little success as I couldn’t keep the weight off and found myself sometimes even putting weight on.

The other key factor that motivated me was the fact that both my parents suffer from high blood pressure and other weight related elements. I also had elevated blood pressure and I was determined and motivated to achieve my weight loss to lead a normal healthy life.

Emotionally I was not in a good space. When going out and purchasing clothes for myself, I was always conscious of my body image, frustrated and depressed. Socially, I continually compared myself to others and only dreamed of one day being comfortable with my image. My continuous back pain was a
major concern, as was my inability to stand for too long.

I don’t consider Cambridge Weight Plan a diet, it is a lifestyle for me now. My beloved Consultants Rosa and Maurice have guided and motivated me throughout my journey, something I could not have achieved on my own. I no longer have back pain and I have regained my flexibility. The elevated blood pressure, is now a thing of the past and I now have re-claimed the energy that I was missing out on before.

This journey has transformed my life and today I have more energy than ever to enjoy an active lifestyle. This is truly the only weight plan that I have tried that has worked for me; which says a lot for the products and the complete Cambridge Weight Plan package.