Lucas Gabriel Orellana - Cambridge Weight Plan
Greg Paton
October 26, 2016
Emma Bartley
October 26, 2016

Lucas Gabriel Orellana

Bossley Park, NSW
Weight Loss: 27kg
Consultant: Katarina Nazor


I am a 22 year old, no-longer-chubby guy and work in the finance sector.

Despite a love of sports and in spite of being active, I have struggled with my weight for a long time. Being of South American origin, our cuisine is varied and rich and is appreciated not only for quality but for quantity.

My oversize meant I developed sleep and breathing issues and like many in my position, suffered from low self-esteem. Despite having a very supportive family, I simply felt that I never fitted in with other slim and fit kids. I was just the fat kid.

It was my mother and her own Cambridge results which inspired me towards a slimmer and healthier new me!! Her continuing success was my motivation and so my own journey began.

It really was a case of ‘out with the old and in with the new’ in many ways. I remember how excited I was when I had to purchase a smaller work uniform and how my heart was bursting when people would ask if I was losing weight and comment on how well looked. Out went my old men oversize clothes and in came my new young modern look. Out went my low key me and in came a confident new me. Out went my love of fatty foods and large portions and in came my sensible food approach.

But perhaps more importantly, out went my bad health and in came the new healthy body and healthy mind me! My weight loss has meant my breathing and sleeping problems have disappeared too. No more tightness in my chest and these days I can run for an hour without foot or ankle pain. Today I am more energetic and youthful with a new confidence in life. Oh – and I love my new flat belly!

My mother inspired me but my Consultant, Katarina went above and beyond and spurred me on. I truly feel that Katarina has been with me every step of the way, sympathising with me but urging me to keep at it – gentle but firm. Her wealth of knowledge and encouragement always came at the right time, not just during our weekly appointments but with phone and text messages, helped me push on towards my ultimate goal. I can’t thank her enough.

My long term goal is to simply live life to its fullest but in my healthiest form.

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