John Woods
October 26, 2016

Lisa Dow

Airport West, Victoria
Slimmer of the Year 2016
Weight Loss: 71kg
Consultant: Marianne Lommi


I am a single 46-year-old Assistant Principal from Melbourne.

I started this Plan, if I am really honest, because I wanted to live! The weight I was carrying (150.9kg) was like a prison for me. It limited the choices I had made in my life and what I would or wouldn’t do. So the smile I would wear on the outside, masked how unhappy I was and what little confidence I had. I felt like Cambridge was my last chance to get the weight off. I had been in a self-imposed prison saying to myself “I can’t go to the beach, go on a date… because I am too fat”. Being overweight for most of my adult life, I have never talked about the dreams I had that have passed me by, particularly the chance to have a family of my own.

Thank goodness for Marianne, my Consultant. At each step along the way she has been the encourager I needed, and the support to help me reach my goal. Marianne helped me plan for events and still stay on the Plan. She had so many hints that were given just at the time I needed it. In talking about the challenges with Marianne, she has helped me to identify some triggers. I am developing the tools I need to live a healthy, happier life.

It amazes me that I have lost 70 kilos and reached my goal. This has been life changing and not just because of the weight loss. I have a better life ahead of me. Health wise, my cholesterol dropped and my asthma attacks have reduced to almost zero. I have so much more energy.

What has surprised me is that with every kilogram I lost, I regained some confidence. I feel like I am reclaiming control of my life. I have dropped 7 dress sizes from a size 26 to a 12/14, something else I still can’t quite believe.

Cambridge just works! I was ready, I had seen the success of others and I had amazing support from family, friends and Marianne, my Consultant. This was exactly the right Plan for me at just the right time. I am back to the weight I was when I first started teaching 26 years ago. I have a new lease and outlook on life, I have left behind the kilos and the insecurities that were holding me back. Life and living awaits and nothing will hold me back now.

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