Maria Dimasi
April 18, 2018
Kay Collinson
April 18, 2018

Laura Cooper

Finalist, Slimmer of the Year 2018
Weight loss: 30.8 kg
Consultant: Paul & Carolyn Dimech
State/Territory: VIC

I have been over weight my whole life. I started gaining weight very rapidly from the age of 7 years old and I was bullied so much as a child for being overweight.

When I was 20 years old, my life changed in the biggest way possible. A family member I had never met before came into my life and this affected me tremendously. I used food as a substance to keep me stable but soon after became incredibly anxious and depressed from the weight gain that followed.  I had a very unhealthy relationship with food and was in denial, as I would not look on the scales. Following these events, I started a job in a retail and unfortunately, I was bullied. This put me under a lot of stress and anxiety and this is where most of my final weight was gained.

I had attempted making some lifestyle and dietary changes but because my head was not in the right space, I was never successful. I had also tried a different weight loss program but they did not have the support and amazing Consultants that Cambridge Weight Plan has. I was severely depressed and highly anxious. I did not feel as if I was accepted in society because of my weight, which pushed me into never wanting to leave the house willingly.

Along with depression and anxiety, some physical health issues had started as well. I developed Sciatica, had constant ache in my ankle from breaking it previously and suffered with IBS, which meant I was always sick and found everyday was a battle. Since being on the Cambridge Weight Plan, it has almost completely gone.

Cambridge Weight Plan has changed my life in ways. It has been amazing for me to go through this journey and experience myself building confidence and how mentally strong I am now. I am very social now and have a workplace where the people embrace me. This does not have to be a battle you face on your own. Having that Consultant supporting you makes it 100 times easier to keep mentally strong and stay motivated.