Keira Esten
April 26, 2018
Warren Reilly
April 18, 2018

Justin Zelones

Weight Loss: 27.9 kg
Consultant: Zoey Sheppard & Jacqueline McKenna
State/territory: VIC

I’m 42, married with two children and I have been overweight for most of my life.

This has meant that whenever I eat or drink weight is something that is always on my mind. This usually leaves me with a sense of guilt.

Being overweight impacted my mental as much as my physical health. I always felt guilty when eating or drinking and always felt as if I was being watched and judged. This is not gone entirely but it has improved. It was my wife Sam that found Cambridge Weight Plan, she was successful in losing 23 kilos and was an entry and then finalist in last year’s Slimmer of the Year Competition. The results were amazing, despite my skepticism of it being just the latest fad diet that was going to cost a ton of money for little or short-term result. It really works!

The difference is the products. It’s amazing how sick of chocolate/sweet foods you become on shake diets. The variety of savoury and sweet (and just more than three flavours) is a huge positive. Variety is the spice of life.

The support from both my Consultants Jacky in Perth and Zoey in Melbourne has been excellent. The support and accountability have helped me to stay on track. Health issues such as sore back and knees after any physical activity are no longer a problem and I am lighter than I’ve been in 20 years. Cambridge has helped me where other programs haven’t. The variety of foods and the Consultants have helped keep me on track and accountable.

I can’t recommend Cambridge highly enough!