Jeanine Larkins - Cambridge Weight Plan
Sue Lister
October 26, 2016
Julie King
October 26, 2016

Jeanine Larkins

Carlton, NSW
Weight Loss: 30kg
Consultant: Cheryl Hornig


Since I can remember, my weight has always fluctuated from a young age. I had my slim years and my overweight years. I always felt uncomfortable in everything I did.

I couldn’t tie my shoe laces without it taking away my breath. I would sweat all the time, feel sticky and dirty even though I had just had a shower. I hated feeling depressed and overweight.

Recently, I sadly lost a baby at 20 weeks pregnant. This was extremely hard for me and my family. I spiralled into depression and loneliness, I began eating more, gaining more and more weight. I lost myself and needed to find the real me again.

I met a lady who had reduced her weight with Cambridge Weight Plan. I remember she told me “You’ll never look back. The only thing that you will be paying more for is new clothes”. Within a few days I had started CWP, my journey began and I have never looked back. I felt changes immediately.

Now I’m so proud of myself. I can see the differences in me and my personality. I have found myself again and it feels great! My children are very proud of me and keep putting their arms around me – their way of measuring how much weight I have lost. They are now able to fold their arms over each other around me and hug me tight. My husband is happy to see me more energetic. Everyone at work, continues to say how great I look and are happy for me.

I am more outgoing and have started wearing a bikini again without feeling frumpy or embarrassed! And it’s true… I have been spending more money on clothes than anything else and it feels great to walk into a clothes shop and pick anything off the racks now.
I could never have asked for a better person than Cheryl Hornig as my Consultant to guide me through my journey, weight loss and a healthy lifestyle for life. She makes me laugh and feel at ease – she inspires me!

With the help of Cheryl, now a good friend, I pushed through my obstacles and started to enjoy life again. I will never look back at this journey as being a difficult time in my life. This was one of the happiest journeys I have been on. Thank you Cheryl for your support and friendship.

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