Lucas Gabriel Orellana
October 26, 2016
Amy Thompson
October 26, 2016

Emma Bartley

Rouse Hill, NSW
Weight Loss: 50kg
Consultant: Salena Keetch


There was not one specific moment; I just knew I did not want to die young!

I am planning on travelling to experience different cultures in the not too distant future. This was too daunting a prospect before, due to the fear of not being able to fit in the plane seats – or even the thought of having to buy 2 seats!

My weight issue started when I was about 19. Due to depression, I started seeing different doctors who had put me on a roller coaster of different medication, one having a side effect of “weight gain”. My routine became, wake up, eat all day, sleep and repeat. I did this for 2 years and managed to gain a whopping 50 kg.

Finally, last year I made the same New Year’s resolution of losing weight but this time I had to mean it. An old work friend on Facebook was posting brilliant weight loss before and after pics as a Consultant for Cambridge Weight Plan. I was sold!

To my surprise it was relatively easy, with my goal of’ living a longer life’ in my sights. By July, I had lost 32 kgs in 12 weeks and am now maintaining a 50 kg loss! I have learned the pleasure of cooking healthily, which no other weight plan has taught me and now have a cupboard of spices and herbs rather than just salt and pepper which used to be my staple seasoning.

Losing weight and getting healthy gave me the confidence to realise I needed to be on my own to finish my journey. I also needed to leave my 10-year relationship to find myself, realise who I am, what I want out of life and grow as an independent woman. I have so much energy! I used to come home, drink a bottle of wine and watch TV shows or a movie. Now I run, go to the park with my dog, go to yoga, or meet up with friends after work. I feel like I literally can’t sit still sometimes, I just want to live. I couldn’t run 2 feet in the past, now I run for as far as my body will let me.

I finally got the courage to wear high heels! (it’s a work in progress) and I regularly wear dresses which used to be a rare event. I love the feeling of sitting in a movie theatre without feeling squished into the seats. Even taking a bath feels different; I have so much room to move and no longer get suction stuck or create tidal waves.

With the one-on-one support of my Consultant Salena, my new found understanding of my food addiction and my understanding of how food affects my body, I am very confident that this is it. No more yo-yo dieting and no more weight to hold me down.

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