Rebecca Johnson
October 27, 2016
Michael Muir
October 26, 2016

Don Marshall

Greensborough, Victoria
Weight Loss: 50kg
Consultant: Jody Bowman


I am 63 years of age. I grew up in a beautiful part of Sydney enjoying a good education, great friends and family and a good job. I met my wife of now 27 years, at World Vision. We have two daughters.

I started Cambridge Weight Plan after a constant struggle with being overweight. My ‘battle of the bulge’ goes back to my childhood and although I had seen some improvement at times, achieving and maintaining a reasonable, healthy weight had always eluded me. Self-esteem was always an issue – society makes it hard to value yourself if you are overweight. My faith and family gave me hope and helped me understand where my true values lay, but it was hard!

In 2005, I was diagnosed with lymphoma, cancer of the lymph glands. I went through 5 months of tough medical treatment. Ten years later in 2015, my oncologist gave me the all clear. I was very grateful, but I knew my weight was an issue and could have been part of the cause of the cancer. I was still unsuccessfully battling to manage my weight. In December 2013, one of my daughters was married. It was a great day. But when I saw the wedding photos I knew I was in trouble and had to do something serious about my weight.
We knew people already on the Cambridge Weight Plan, so in June 2014, I commenced a transformational 16 months on the Plan, losing 50kgs!

People often ask me now “What has it meant to you to lose so much weight?” My answer: “In a thousand ways!” small and large, significant and somewhat insignificant, even funny and serious. I had some basic blood tests prior to commencing the weight loss – not good news, with blood pressure not under control and moving towards diabetes. A year later, I had the same tests done again with all measures showing amazing improvement…all because of the weight loss. Life is now more enjoyable – many things now being not only easier but possible!

My weekly check-ins with my Consultant, Jody were essential to my weight loss. Jody’s gentle but determined consulting kept me on track, kept me encouraged and lifted me up after a disappointing week. I wish I had a done this a lot earlier in life! Jody has become a good friend and continues to encourage and inspire me.

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