Danielle Centra - Cambridge Weight Plan
Julie King
October 26, 2016
Sherill Bond
October 26, 2016

Danielle Centra

Melbourne, Victoria
Weight Loss: 45kg
Consultant: Anna Shepherd


I had checked out of life completely. The hopes and dreams I had for myself, as a young woman, had been boxed up and put away, never to be fulfilled… or so I believed.

I am 32 and live in Melbourne with my partner. I am half Italian and love being from a big extended family. I am a passionate primary school teacher with a love for travel. I moved to the city as an 18-year-old to study and to start my journey in the big, wide world. However, three years later, I found myself diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and could not hold down my first job. Unemployed, and mostly bed-bound, I pushed feelings down with food. I was incredibly depressed and anxious, living on a pittance and terrified about my future. The worse my health and personal circumstances became, the more I ate. While all my friends were going out partying and travelling the world, I was stuck and felt so hopeless and alone.

After years of recovery and rehabilitation I finally worked my way back to teaching full time. But, my disastrous emotional eating habits were ingrained in me. At my heaviest, 132 kg, I resigned myself to a life being that size and putting up with it. After all, I could now work and participate in life. At least that’s what I would tell myself. I had sleep apnoea, was pre-diabetic and my family were worried sick about me.

It took me four months to build up the courage and self-belief to actually call Anna, my Consultant but that day was an absolute turning point for me. From that very first day Anna was incredibly supportive and for the first time in a very long while, I felt like someone really believed in me. She helped me to feel strong and in control. Anna took the time to understand me, my dreams, and how much I wanted to achieve them. When faced with challenges, she listened, guided and helped me to appreciate that it’s all part of my journey. Anna has not only been a Consultant for my weight loss, but has become a mentor and trusted friend.

I am now bursting with life, grabbing every opportunity that comes by. I love being active and exercising, I have taken on a leadership role in education, and I am enjoying Italian language classes. I also now have a serious clothing addiction and I will never pass up a social invite that comes my way. My health issues have all disappeared and I have never felt so energetic and well. Last September, while on a holiday in Thailand, my wonderful partner and best friend proposed to me (and I wore my first bikini in a very long time!). We are planning a wedding, a long, healthy life together and are both so excited about starting a family soon.

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