Lesley Alkins
October 26, 2016
Rosa Tagliavento
October 26, 2016

Brenton Winn

Seaford Rise, South Australia
Weight Loss: 16kg
Consultants: Paul & Carolyn Dimech


The breakdown of my parents’ marriage at age 13 was the start of my love affair with food. My dad may have not been there for me growing up, but food always was.

Compounding my issue was an under-active thyroid problem. I haven’t always been big but more like a yo-yo, where sometimes I blew out and sometimes I starved myself slim. A poor knowledge of healthy food habits certainly didn’t help me. The day after my 23rd birthday, my world around me collapsed. My relationship fell apart, I lost my job, my home and access to my children. As a result, I turned to food for the comfort I was craving.

Working a Fly In-Fly Out (FIFO) job, food is in ample supply, allowing employees to go back as many times as they like for refills. This lead me to binge eating. I was going to the gym regularly, sometimes running for up to an hour to try and lose weight but nothing seemed to work.

When I was home, my time spent with my children was limited and sporadic, and often I over compensated for not being there with them, by feeding them junk food. I didn’t want to pass my own bad food habits onto the kids, and with the help of my Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant Paul Dimech, I now understand my relationship with food and can control healthy eating for all of us.

Before Cambridge Weight Plan, I had no idea what food could do to you when over consumed, how much was too much, what was good for you and what was bad. In early 2015, my sister and brother-in-law introduced me to the Cambridge Weight Plan. I lost 16kg and have maintained a healthy BMI now for over 8 months. This also inspired me to become a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant and have become an inspiration to my family, friends and other FIFO workers, teaching them to enjoy good healthy food habits.

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