Carmen Lee
April 18, 2018
Ashlee Simon
April 18, 2018

Barbara Hoch

Finalist, Slimmer of the Year 2018
Weight Loss: 36 kg
Consultant: Nicole El Jriedi
State/Territory: NSW

I’m a wife to a very supportive husband and a young 27-year-old mum to a beautiful baby girl and I work as a banker.

Since childhood, I have been teased and bullied for being overweight and I’ve always felt there wasn’t anything I could do but accept it. For me being overweight impacted everything, it made me very self-conscious, unhappy, and always emotional. I always wanted to go out and do girly things like shopping but I knew I wouldn’t fit into the trendy clothes and I didn’t want to embarrass myself.

It affected my social life, I never wanted to go out with friends, and if I was forced to, I was unhappy and would stress about finding an outfit to cover my body.

I chose to be on Cambridge Weight Plan as I was an unhappy Wife and Mum. I was not able to walk in my last few weeks of my pregnancy as I couldn’t carry my weight around. When I struggled to get up to my daughter, that was my melting point. I knew that was it, I needed to put myself first and do something my weight.

Cambridge Weight Plan has changed my life. I’ve found the new me and gotten my confidence back. Since reaching my goal and moving to the maintenance stage of the program, I have decided to become a part time Cambridge Consultant.

Looking in the mirror, I can’t believe this is the new me. I want to thank my Consultant Nicole, if it wasn’t for her support and encouragement through my journey, I don’t think I would have achieved my dream body.