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October 26, 2016
Debbie Strydom
October 26, 2016

Amy Thompson

Sydney, New South Wales
Weight Loss: 17kg
Consultant: Melissa Valensise


My Consultant Mel was absolutely the reason I succeeded.

I’m a 29-year-old (soon to be 30 – eek!) journalist. Originally from Essex in the UK, I moved to Sydney for work four years ago. Since moving here, my whole life has changed. I met an amazing man, moved in with him 6 weeks after meeting, and we recently got engaged while on a holiday back home.

A friend of mine at work had lost weight with Cambridge before her wedding and looked amazing, although at the time, I thought she was crazy just drinking shakes all day! Then, last year, I had to interview someone for the magazine I work for, about her weight loss journey with Cambridge. After seeing success stories first-hand and knowing that my jeans were getting tighter by the minute, I decided I’d give it a go. I’m also incredibly lazy, so the idea of not having to bother cooking or deciding what to eat every day was appealing. I also had my first Christmas at home in the UK in four years to look forward to and wanted to go back looking my best. So I contacted my nearest Consultant, Melissa Valensise and the rest is history.

Now, I actually have so much more time on my hands, not having to worry about finding a clean top that hides my muffin-tops any more. I can focus more on doing the things that I enjoy rather than worrying about how I look and letting that hold me back. I’m so glad that now I’m getting married and losing weight for the big day has already been crossed off my list. In fact, I’ve already found my dress!

Being accountable each week was definitely a huge part of my success with Cambridge. Mel is warm, friendly, full of enthusiasm and so genuine. What kept me going back each week, even when I felt I hadn’t done so well, was the fact that I knew she was always on my side and she would work to accommodate my individual needs. I don’t even see her as my Consultant now – she’s a fantastic friend. The support I received from my Consultant definitely made a difference in helping me achieve my goal. Will power alone is not enough – Mel was absolutely the reason I succeeded.

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