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    My name is Sandie I have studied a Bachelor of BioMedical Science, with my focus being on Nutrition, Metabolism.
    I found out about Cambridge Weight Plan and decided to research it myself for 2 reasons firstly studying LCD’s (Low calorie Diets) I was amazed at how the Cambridge Slimmers were able to maintain their weight loss with Superior Support from their Consultants.The second reason I was interested in Cambridge Weight plan is because I have watched my husband, Adam struggle with his weight for 12 years. He had tried diets and exercise before but the weight always crept back on. It was hard as his wife and support person to see him struggle with this, the repercussions of carrying the weight were affecting his health both physically and mentally. As his partner I wanted to support him in losing and maintaining his weight loss as I was concerned what the outcome would be if he didn’t.
    He wasn’t enthusiastic to go to his first consultation as he thought this would just be another failed attempt at losing weight. I went to the consultation with him, we both came away excited and with renewed hope for the future.
    Cambridge Weight plan has changed our lives not only has my husband lost the weight but he has maintained the weight loss.
    I became a consultant as the Cambridge Weight Plan has changed our lives and I am passionate about supporting my clients throughout their weight loss journey.