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     I was first introduced to Cambridge in England when I was trying to find a way of losing weight after having my second child. I found the steps very easy to follow and I loved the choice of products, the variety definitely helped to keep me on track and I soon managed to get back into my favourite pair of jeans again! I had amazing support from my Consultant she really helped to keep me motivated and successful, and then suggested that I became a Consultant myself. For three years I helped people in my home town achieve their weight loss goal. When I immigrated to Australia I was fortunate enough to find Cambridge were launching their products here and that I had the opportunity of continuing the role of Consultant which I love.

    I loved helping my client Georgie Holbeche achieve an amazing weight loss of 65kg, she became the first winner for Australia of Slimmer of the year in 2012 and we had the privilege to travel to the UK and enter the International Slimmer of the Year. It was an amazing experience and she finished in the top three. Georgie has made changes to her lifestyle, eating habits, and she is still maintaining her weight loss.

    I love my role as a consultant, it gives me so much pleasure seeing the transformation in my clients and helping them to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

    Why not try taking the Cambridge steps yourself and see how successful you can be. Give me a call and take that first step to achieving your goal! I am based in Ocean Reef (in the northern suburbs of Perth) and see clients on an informal, relaxed and one to one basis.