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    I can honestly say that Cambridge has transformed my life and the life of my family.

    For many years, my beautiful wife struggled with her weight, eventually weighing 150 kilos. I had seen her achieve so much in our many years together and was so proud of her but saw how disappointed and discouraged she would become with each failed attempt to lose weight. Over 14 months, with Cambridge Weight Plan, she lost a staggering 90 kilos. Her transformation has been so extraordinary that people say – ‘wow, it’s like you have a new wife’. I tell them that I don’t have a new wife, I have been given back the woman I married years ago.

    Watching my wife’s journey challenged me to face my own eating problems. For years I binged on lollies, chocolate, energy drinks and fast food. Life’s disappointments were handled by comfort eating. As a result, I would often find myself up to 30 kilos above my healthy weight range. I would then go on an extreme diet and lose the excess weight, only to begin the cycle again.

    I then decided to embark on my own ‘Cambridge journey’. What I learned on the program set me free from the destructive cycle I was in. I am now in control. I have now lost the weight and my emotions no longer dictate my eating. Cambridge Weight Plan has empowered me to not only control what I eat, but to take control over all aspects of my life.

    Because I believe that Cambridge Weight Plan is the best weight loss vehicle available, I have become an accredited Consultant to help you to achieve your own weight loss goals.