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    My whole adult life I had struggled with my weight. I suffered fromhigh blood pressure and cholesteral, i was worried about heart disease as two of my siblings have had bypass operations and two also have diabetes. I knew I needed to do something.

    As a hairdresser, I was introduced to Cambridge Weight Plan by two of my customers in the salon, both who had lost a great amount of weighton the Cambridge program, every time we spoke about it I thought it sounded too hard, but eventually I thought i would give it a try.

    My consultant was really easy to get along with and had also followed the Camnbridge weight plan, so I knew that she understood how I was feeling – she said “why not give it a try’ you have nothing to loose but a bit of weight” I had tried so many different types of dietsin the past, but this is definitly the easiest and showed great results, that people started commenting on very quickly.

    I love the new Darren and the journey I have been on with Cambridge and I wanted to share my experience and success with others. I hope my story can inspire you to call or email me, so I can help you feel the joy and success that I am feeling.