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March 16, 2018
Happy Easter
March 28, 2018

International Day of Happiness

Today is International Day of Happiness for everyone, today is an appropriate reminder that happiness doesn’t necessarily come from material items –  but often from family, friends and emotional wellbeing.

The International Day of Happiness was founded by the United Nations General Assembly with it’s first year being 2013. ‘The date March the 20th was chosen for its significance as the March Equinox which is a universal phenomenon felt simultaneously by all human kind, which occurs when the plan of the Earths Equator passes through the centre of the suns disk.’

The day is thought to unite people from all nationalities and religions to take care of yourself, love and help children, set a good example, safeguard and improve your environment and treat others as you would want them to treat you.

What takes you to your happy place? Is it spending time with friends or family, going for a walk and admiring the beauty in nature, watching something funny and having a good laugh?

What ever it may be, take some time out today and do something that makes you feel happy.


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