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May 13, 2018
June 6, 2018

And the winner is….

Congratulations to the 2018 Australian Slimmer of the year, Sarah Schmeider. Sarah lost an incredible 71kg in just 11 months after struggling with her weight her entire life. Recently, Sarah has reflected on the causes of her obesity.  Starting from her childhood, she struggled with overeating, stating ‘if there was food in front of me I would eat it all.’ Looking back, she says her weight affected her in so many ways being like being chosen last for sports, always being cast as the fat character in numerous plays and musicals and only being able to shop in the plus size clothing sections.

As Sarah got older, the overeating continued. Day after day she would begin a new diet or try healthy eating and every afternoon her commitment and determination would crumble and she would eat everything insight until feeling extremely full. After Sarah’s father passed away when she was 18 year old, she knew she should be focusing on her health to ensure a long healthy life. But with this came guilt which would cause her to eat more and the cycle would continue, this cycle is one that so many can relate to. Her weight also affected her marriage as Sarah would avoid the beach and strenuous activities with her husband as she didn’t want him to know how unfit she was. Although an adrenaline junky at heart, until recently had never been able to explore those options because she was too ‘heavy’.

Sarah first heard about Cambridge Weight Plan through a friend who had already lost 25kgs on the Plan. Sarah said, “I HAD to know her secret!” Mentally, something clicked and shifted. She was fed up, desperate and had reached an all time low. Sarah he decided in that moment to finally put herself first.

From her first meeting with her consultant Catherine Hughes, Sarah started the plan doing mainly Step 2 and occasionally Step 1 and didn’t deviate from the plan for an amazing 11 months. She quickly got into a routine of drinking 3 litres of water a day and soon noticed that other foods (junk food and sweets) no longer tempted her.

A big part of Sarah’s success during her weight loss was the weekly one to one consultations with Catherine her Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant, who kept her motivated and accountable. Catherine took the time to understand Sarah’s emotional reasons for wanting to lose weight and they quickly bonded. She noticed that Sarah did not smile for their first few months of consultations but she believed in Sarah, even when Sarah struggled to believe in herself. As a Consultant, Catherine celebrated Sarah’s losses, when Sarah struggled to celebrate herself. As the months went on, the smiles from Sarah became more frequent, she began to open up, celebrate her achievements and become the bubbly person she always wanted to be. Catherine was always there, every step of the way, guiding Sarah on her journey. Catherine has become Sarah’s inspiration for training as a consultant herself!

Within the first few weeks of being on plan, Sarah noticed changes in her skin, an increase in energy and she started having a more positive outlook on life. Once the complements started flowing in Sarah didn’t always know how to respond or take them seriously, but has learnt over time to accept them as it was nice to know that her hard work was being noticed.

Since hitting her goal weight, Sarah has enjoyed the effective stabilisation process of the Cambridge Weight Plan. She has taken pleasure in welcoming a variety of higher calorie foods back into her diet and keeps a food diary to help keep her on track. Before starting Cambridge, fruits and vegetables were rarely eaten as she didn’t find them enjoyable. Now, she looks forward to creating delicious meals with them every day.

Today her diet consists of 1 Cambridge shake at breakfast (Chocolate is her favourite!) mixed with Greek yoghurt (it takes like cheese cake!) and fruit for morning and afternoon tea. For lunch, Sarah usually has rice cakes with spinach, cherry tomatoes and tuna on top. Her dinner consists of a protein source such as chicken, lean steak or fish with cooked veggies and soft cheese. Sarah can confidently make good choices when eating and has a treat only now and then. She has also introduced exercise (something she has always dreaded and avoided) and can run 5km in 30 minutes at weekly Park Runs (with her husband!) – something she NEVER thought possible!

Sarah said “the biggest thing I’ve learnt is that nothing is holding me back, only my own limitations that I place on myself.” It has been an empowering journey of self-discovery as Sarah has finally (and honestly) explored why she was overweight but also embraced who she is meant to be. Cambridge Weight Plan has helped Sarah to take control and transform her life.

Congratulations Sarah Schmeider!!!



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